It’s been foreverrr since my last post ! I’ve been busy with studying like crazy for the past few months for my LSAT which I took on December 3rd. Now I need to focus on sending in my applications to law schools ~ Wish me luck ! I miss blogging and posting outfits so much. I really want to start posting and creating content again because it used to be and still is my favorite hobby but life gets in the way so much ><.

Anyways, I stole this blazer from my boyfriend heehee. It’s so cute ! It says “School Ruined My Life” and “Loser” all over it. Which school doesn’t ruin my life (i’m gonna do 3 more years) but the aesthetic is cute heh. I styled it with this super cute hat I got that perfectly matches it which has safety pins and rings. Underneath the blazer i’m wearing a turtleneck and American Apparel tennis skirt (yes this is still a staple in my wardrobe ! ). Then wore thigh high socks and my RO shoes ~

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Herroo ~ It’s October now and it’s time for Halloween events and specials ~ I went to Nitrolado’s Halloween Promo event and tested out their 3 new Halloween special flavors ! They are –

1. Blood Velvet Brownie ( Red Velvet ) – which is what I got

2. Pumpkin Spice with Caramelized Candied Bacon – which is what my oppa got

3. Coconut Lavender – which is what Dan Tam got

These 3 super delicious flavors are only available for this month, all 3 of us loved each one and are totally coming back again this month for more before they go away !

In addition to these nommy special halloween flavors, you get a SUPER CUTE cup that has an LED Light as well as smoking dry ice to be supaaa cute and instagrammable ~ My videos won’t upload onto my blog rn so for videos I will post some boomerangs on my instagram ~

Nitrolado is from Westminster, California – here is the address :

10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

In addition, on October 28 – 30 for ALL GUESTS that come in COSTUME they can get BUY 1 GET 1 HALF-OFF ~ So bring your buddies and/or your oppas in costumes or matching costumes !

Me and my oppa came dressed as Mathilda and Leon from Leon the Professional – which honestly was one of the halloween costumes i’ve been wanting to do for yearsssss but didn’t have anyone to match with heh heh ! So i’m so happy to have my oppa to dress up with !

And my friend Dan Tam came as a supaaaa cute bat girl ~ ~

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Nike Air More Uptempo Scottie Pippen
Bubbles Shibuya Sporty Suspender Shorts
Do+Be Transformer Sweater
Do+Be Camo Jacket

For links to outfit items you can click the items I am wearing to shop in the picture above ^ ~~ A complete list of everything I am wearing is also included below ~

[ daily look ]

Jacket : Do+Be Camo Jacket

Sweater : Do+Be Transformer Sweater

Shorts : Bubbles Shibuya Sporty Suspender Shorts


Shoes : Nike Air More Uptempo Scottie Pippen


I wore this outfit a lot over this past summer and excited to finally have outfit pictures of it ! This was definitely my go to outfit for when I wanted to be comfy like during my car rides to vegas ~ I am wearing Do+Be Transformer Sweater with their Camo Jacket. I styled it with my Bubbles Shibuya Sporty Suspender Shorts that I got during my Japan trip last summer with my favorite CRES. E DIM. KNEE SOCKS (which has some holes in it now ;__; so sad ) and my favvvv Nike Air More Uptempo Scottie Pippen !

275a0609_9275a0621_12   275a0638_18 275a0646_19 275a0649_20 275a0658_21 275a0661_23 275a0686_24 275a0691_25 275a0701_26 275a0702_27 275a0703_28 275a0704_29 275a0705_30 275a0708_31 275a0709_32 275a0712_33 275a0715_34 275a0732_35 275a0735_36 275a0742_38 275a0743_39 275a0745_41 275a0749_42 275a0752_44 275a0759_1 275a0762_2 275a0768_3 275a0787_4  275a0824_6 275a0826_7




8 x Gdragon Dragon Graphic Cap
8 x Gdragon Dragon Sukajan
Basic Cotton Crush on you belt
Nike Air Jordan 1 Banned

For links to outfit items you can click the items I am wearing to shop in the picture above ^ ~~ A complete list of everything I am wearing is also included below ~

[ daily look ]

Hat : 8 x Gdragon Dragon Graphic Cap

Jacket : 8 x Gdragon Dragon Sukajan

Belt : Basic Cotton Crush on you belt

Shoes : Nike Air Jordan 1 Banned


I am wearing 8 x Gdragon Dragon Sukajan Jacket ! I missed out on this sukajan when it first released but when I saw that 8 seconds restocked it, I bought it right away ! This item is one of the key items from their 8 x Gdragon collaboration. My favorite part of this jacket is that it says ‘Korean Dream’ in the back and also says ‘Korea’ in the back as well! The material like everything else in the collaboration is super silky and high quality ! I styled this look with a crop top, ripped black shorts, crush on you belt, fishnet socks, and my boyfriend’s air jordan 1 banned nikes ! They are actually hugeeee on me haha but they matched this outfit so well!

275a0449_2275a0460_7  275a0471_12 275a0473_13 275a0478_14 275a0488_15 275a0490_16 275a0493_17 275a0497_19 275a0504_21 275a0506_22 275a0508_24 275a0514_25 275a0525_26 275a0533_27 275a0538_28 275a0539_29 275a0540_30 275a0546_32 275a0553_39 275a0582_43 275a0588_44 275a0590_45




R.SHEMISTE 16SS Collection Cap Bk
Sorella Boutique Denim Choker
8 seconds x Gdragon Oversized Check Shirt
Vetements Stretch ankle boots with lighter heel

For links to outfit items you can click the items I am wearing to shop in the picture above ^ ~~ A complete list of everything I am wearing is also included below ~

[ daily look ]

Cap : R.SHEMISTE 16SS Collection Cap Bk

Choker : Sorella Boutique Denim Choker

Flannel : 8 seconds x Gdragon Oversized Check Shirt

Shoes : Vetements Stretch ankle boots with lighter heel


Today I am wearing another piece from the 8seconds x Gdragon collaboration ! This blue flannel is currently sold out on their site right now, and I hope they bring it back because it is sosososo comfy and cute !! I LOVE the back print with gdragon on it ! And like the sweater I would’ve just liked something in the front of the flannel like 8 x gdragon or dragon or something so that it’s not so plain from the front. Also just like every item i’ve bought from the collection it’s some pretty high quality material considering the price for the item so it’s definitely worth it ! My most recent 8 x Gdragon order arrived last week and it’s the two popular jackets from the collection ! I’ve been wearing the red dragon sukajan jacket a lot and my oppa has been wearing the black patch bomber alot too ! So excited to shoot some outfit pictures in them soon !

Let me know in the comments if you have purchased a piece from the 8 seconds x Gdragon collection, if so what did you get and do you love everything like we do ?!


275a0333_4 275a0338_7  275a0342_9

275a0324_1 275a0347_11

275a0325_2275a0348_12 275a0351_13 275a0352_14 275a0356_16 275a0357_17 275a0359_18 275a0361_19 275a0362_20 275a0364_22 275a0368_24 275a0372_25 275a0376_26 275a0377_27 275a0379_28 275a0381_29 275a0382_30 275a0384_32 275a0388_35 275a0394_37 275a0396_38