[TRAVEL] Salvation Mountain



Herro everyone ~

It’s been a while since i’ve updated my blog so i’m really excited to post today since i’ve been itching for weeks to blog again !

I went to Salvation Mountain with Gia Hoa and Stephanie last week and finally have time to post about it ! I also finally got my new blog theme up and running and I am so psyched to add more cool features to my blog ~ My blog is much more minimalistic then before but it is more mobile friendly so I hope you don’t mind the simple layout !


[ travel look ]

Two Piece Set: American Apparel Printed Lulu Pink Grid Top and Skirt

Shirt: American Apparel Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top

Socks: American Apparel Grid Socks

Shoes: Nike Air Force

Hat: Sad Visor

275A8060_9 275A8054_10275A8235_12275A8101_17

This is my third time going to Salvation Mountain ! Most of it stayed the same but I really liked how Leonard Knight’s pictures are posted around the mountain now ! If you didn’t know Leonard Knight is the amazing man who created Salvation Mountain ~ Thanks to him we have such a beautiful landmark in the world !275A8098_16



I love this photo of me and Gia Hoa ~ Going to Salvation Mountain is the best when you’re with your friends ! Let me know in the comments if you are planning a trip to go this summer and if you have any questions about going there ~


Gia Hoa snapped this really cute candid picture of me and Stephanie coming down the mountain ! I’m carrying my Canon 5d Mark 3 and Stephanie is carrying her Sony A7s ! I love how photographer-y we look carrying our camera babies down ㅋㅋㅋㅋ!!



I wish i remember what brand my visor is… I’m trying to recall but I can’t remember at all! Sorry if you wanted to know ! Maybe someone can help us out in the comments below ~



This was also new the day we went – a bunch of chairs formed in a group circle ! It was really cute haha we just had to snap some pictures together ~ I think schools should definitely make Salvation Mountain a field trip destination for So Cal kids ! ! !





IMG_3890_3IMG_3896_6 IMG_3880_9 IMG_3882_10 IMG_3894_5


IMG_3811_2 IMG_3827_3


And here’s some snaps of us on the mountain !! We all look soooo tan in these pictures LOL ! It’s because the lighting was so orange and yellow.. not the best lighting in the world but still I love these photos ~~

I hope that you enjoyed todays post ! I have more posts of my trip coming up these next few days so come back again for my new posts ~

American Apparel | Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top
American Apparel | The Print Lulu Crop Top in Pink Grid
American Apparel | The Print Lulu Crop Skirt in Pink Grid
American Apparel | Grid Socks
Nike | Air Force 1

Round up of me and my friends in today’s post ~



[OUTFIT] 06.12.15.



[ daily look ]

Two Piece Set: DressIn Fashion Ladies Splice Crop Tops High Waist Pleated Skirt 2 Pieces Suit

Socks: Bandaid Socks from Aliexpress

Shoes: Nike Air Force

Moschino’s Hat: Petco Wag-a-tude Sport Neon Yellow Dog Hat



Today I have a quick outfit post of my lunch at In N Out yesterday ~ I went to In N Out right before my last final and now I am officially on summer ! ! I am excited to be blogging more and also I will be using Periscope which is a livestream app created by twitter so you guys can join me on my outings with Moschino and friends and family ~ My periscope is just : Dominique Nghiem ~


How cute is this DressIn Fashion Ladies Splice Crop Tops High Waist Pleated Skirt 2 Pieces Suit ?~ I haven’t worn much color lately so I was super excited to wear this bright yellow set ~ And I was matching with Moschino today with his super cute Petco Wag-a-tude Sport Neon Yellow Dog Hat ~

IMG_3034_5 Moschino looks so cute in this photo ! So cute and sassy ~ ~


I am OBSESSED with my new Nike Air Forces ! ! I paired it with Bandaid Socks from Aliexpress ~ I am so scared for getting these shoes dirty tumblr_inline_mhccyh7dmx1qz4rgp ! !



I am drooling still over my In N Out meal  tumblr_inline_mhcd0ajwY81qz4rgp ! I get the Hamburger with everything in it including Chopped Chilis with animal fries and regular fries ! ! So nommmyyy ~ What do you get ? !

IMG_3155_4 IMG_3164_6 IMG_3184_5

Moschino was so bad, he ended up knocking over my drank tumblr_inline_mhccysKJUp1qz4rgp But it’s okay… that’s love tumblr_inline_mhcczieC7j1qz4rgpIMG_3188_1

Haven’t posted a car selfie in a whiles ~ ~ But yesterday I fucked up the side view mirror of my car tumblr_inline_mhccyh7dmx1qz4rgp Pray for it please i am so sad over it    IMG_2987

Last photo is Moschino enjoying himself in the grass ~

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[OUTFIT] 06.05.15. ‘ You should just be yourself ‘


[ daily look ]

Under Turtleneck Shirt : Uniqlo Black Turtleneck

Sweater: 2015 New Fashion Casual Sweatshirt College Wind Retro Simple Round Neck Cashmere Harajuku Letters Sweatshirt Jacket 422

Slacks : Uniqlo Black Slacks

Shoes : Adidas Superstar White w/ Black Stripes

Socks: American Apparel Grid Socks

Scrunchie: American Apparel Grid Scrunchie

A : Warby Parker Crystal Haskell

Bag: “You Should Just Be Yourself” Eco bag


‘Hi’ ! ! ! Today I have a quick casual outfit post for you for when I went to get tea the other day ~


I am wearing Uniqlo Black Slacks and Uniqlo Black Turtleneck ~ I am loving the look of casual slacks and turtlenecks under sweaters ~

I also put my hair in a scrunchie with American Apparel Grid Scrunchie ~


I really love how simple and cute this ‘ hi ‘ sweater is ~ It is from Aliexpress and it is ONLY  $6.99 ! ! :  2015 New Fashion Casual Sweatshirt College Wind Retro Simple Round Neck Cashmere Harajuku Letters Sweatshirt Jacket 422. The only thing is that I wish that the neck part was less loose and higher ! Other than that, this sweater is great for that price ~ Behind on my back it says ‘ bye ‘ but I forgot to snap a pic of it ;__; ! Sorry ~ But if you check out my instagram you will see me wearing the black version of this sweater with bye at the back ~


So it’s been forever since i’ve purchased new glasses ! Just one day my current glasses that I wore in a previous post HERE broke in HALFㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ! So for about 2 weeks I was wearing glasses that would fall literally apart in half around the house, i remember when i was talking to my sister and all of a sudden my glasses would break and she’d be like “your glasses just broke….”ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ ! ! ! Anyways ~ So i went to get new glasses at the Warby Parker store in Santa Monica ! And these are Warby Parker’s Crystal Haskell~ So far I really love it and the other day I was in Daiso and one guy said he loved my glasses ~


This is a Print all Over Me “You Should Just Be Yourself” Eco bag designed by Dad-official ~ Remember my other eco-bag from the same seller, HERE ~ I really love these bags, they fit so much things in it! And I just really love the manga text bubble that says “You Should Just Be Yourself” ! ! So cuteee ~ ~

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[OUTFIT] 06.01.15.



[ daily look ]

Shirt : YTINIFNINFINITY Long Sleeve 

Skirt: American Apparel Brigitte Mini Skirt

Shoes : Adidas Superstar White w/ Black Stripes

Socks: American Apparel Grid Socks

Hat: Trius Garments No Reply Cap

Moschino’s Top: Daiso Japan Soccer Top


Happy first day of June you guys ~~ Start of a new month and I only have 2 more weeks of school until summer ! I am really excited for summer because I want to start posting more as well as am planning a lot of summer trips so I will have cuter photos too~~ IMG_1931_5

Hahaa a derpy photo of me trying to get Moschinos attention, but i really like how you can see the printing on this YTINIFNINFINITY Long Sleeve ~






I really love having matching color coordinated outfits with Moschino ~ ~ ! I am purchasing more outfits for us to match together in and i am so excited to share with you guys ~ Do you know any cute pet clothing stores? I am trying to find some more! haha i am one of THOSE people who love to match with their pets !



I am OBSESSED with this Trius Garments No Reply Cap ! I loves so much it’s so cute, I’ve been wearing it a lot to protect my skin from the sun ~


Moschino is wearing Daiso Japan Soccer Top ! I’m sure you can find it in stores in the kawaii pet section ~


Hahha I just love Moschino in his photo ! He is like *serious thinking time* and i’m just like *asian peace sign and fish face ~~~~~*
IMG_2141_15    IMG_2104_18

Me and Moschino is so cute bystanders can’t help but look haha jkjkjkjk!!!

IMG_2146_7IMG_2060_13 IMG_2030_12


Yes, I went to Ichi Ichi again ! I LOVE this shabu shabu place ~ I tried this melon creamy soda drink for the first time because it looked yummy when my boyfriends cousin was drinking it so I wanted to try since my sister got the last Calpico .. … . and yesh it was delicious ! ! ! ~~~~~ So if you are ever in a situation where there is no more Calpico then get this drink ~


Here’s a selfie of me and my sister taking Moschino to get his second shot earlier in the day ~ ~ Moschino’s facial looks alot like my boyfriends facial expression in our selfies together LOL ! !


We went to Petsmart next to Half & Half to at first pick out deer antlers for him to chew on because he was teething ! But then we got side tracked by a whole bunch of pet clothes ! ! ISNT HE SUCH A CUTE TOURIST IN THIS HAT ? ! We ended up getting him a different hat because  this hat was really hard to keep on his head LOL ! You shall see the hat we bought for him in another post ~

Anyways enjoy that last photo of the day ! ~ I made a snapchat for my fans to see what I am up to during the day it is – DOMXMOSCHINO ! Feel free to follow me and Moschino~

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Herro ~ Today is a adventure life post ! I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t had time to update with you guys with my life or any outfit posts so I am excited to post this massive photo diary up today ~~~



I went to the American Apparel Flea Market with Moschino and my sister ! The staff loved Moschino so much that they dressed him up in American Apparel’s Dino Suit and took pictures of him !! They said they would post it up on their instagram…. but they never did ;__; ! haha its okay ! I still got these supaaa cute photos of moschino and his mini photoshoot as an american apparel dog for a little while kekeek~



Moschino is so fucking cute in this dino suit ! !




He got really hot in his dino suit so I had to take it off of him ! But here he is chillin in the shopping cart ~





After American Apparel Flea Market, we went to Projection LA which is Sunset Pacific Motel painted in all white ~ I had been wanting to go there for a while and was really glad to go ~ Apparently people are not supposed to go inside… but when i came there was tons of people inside.. i wish i went inside before they kicked everyone out ;__; !

IMG_1486_17 Me and Moschino being super smiley ! This photo just makes me so happy heehee~


American Apparel’s official tumblr reposted this photo of me and Moschino ! Because Moschino was wearing their doggie raglan ~ He’s so photogenic isn’t he?!


All white palm trees and clear blue skies ! I love this photo ~

IMG_1517_13      IMG_1603_23

Of course I couldn’t not take a selfie….


So this was the only graffiti type of thing on the building ! It looks pretty cool though like purple on all white ~ I really love how this building looks like pure snow ! !


I sat on the floor to take this photo because I like sitting photos… I don’t suggest it because it made my butt itchy after haha (too much info??..)


The struggle of taking still standing photos with Moschino ! He loves to roam around ~



After LA, we drove back to the OC to visit the Hello Kitty Cafe Truck in Irvine ! ! I wish this truck was here permanently ;__; ! !


Here is the full menu of what they were selling at the hk cafe truck ~ They ran out of the strawberries when i went ;___;!


This truck is literally my dream car ! ! ! It is what GOALS dreams of !  ! Its a benz with license plate – HK Cafe with bow tires LOLOLOL


Here is the displays of the yummys foods !


And here are my goodies that I got ! I got 3 water bottles and 2 donuts ! ! These were the most appealing goodies they had available ~ I have yet to drink the water bottle.. i’m too scared because its too fucking cute xD ! ! And I bought the donuts for me and my sisters and for my boyfriends and his brothers ~ It’s funny because my boyfriend said that his dad ate all 3 of them for himself LOLOL ! My sisters loveddd the donuts ! I just gave mine to my youngest one because she loved it so much haha


Moschino is a dream amongst all this hello kitty sweetness !  !


They were handing out stickers that said “I ate something yummy at the Hello Kitty Cafe” ! Me and my sister stuck it on Moschino LOLOLOL!


Isn’t this water bottle too fucking cute?!!!!! When I was looking at the menu and saw water bottle I was like.. uhh why would I want water.. but then when I saw the packaging I was like… I WANT THE HELLO KITTY WATER BOTTLE LOLOL


Last selfie and photo in todays massive post ! ! ! I hope you liked coming along with me on my adventure ! ! Summers around the corner so I probably will be able to post more but I am looking into internships so i dont know.. but i will try my best to update my blogs ! I tend to be more active on my instagram lately so remember to follow me on instagram @dominiquenghiem for earlier outfit posts and my twitter @dominiquenghiem for daily videos ~


[OUTFIT] 05.19.15.



[ daily look ]

Shirt : American Apparel Knit Rib Tank in Sea Breeze

 Skirt: American Apparel High Waist Denim Mini Skirt

Shoes : Stylenanda Velcro Strap Platform Sandals 

Socks: American Apparel Grid Socks


Herro ~ Here is a couple shots I took a few days ago when I went out to lunch with my cousin and sister and moschino ~


We went out to eat at this poke bowl place called Northshore Poke ! It was prettyy good !~ I got mango bits in mine and it made it even yummier ~


We also got this super delishhh Banzai Bowl Acai Smoothie ~~ I love how they stick a strawberry on the straw ~

IMG_0786_2 IMG_0784_1

I am obsessed with how comfy these Stylenanda Velcro Strap Platform Sandals  are ! I love wearing them ! And I always wear socks and sandals, the socks I wore with these platform sandals are the American Apparel Grid Socks in pastel blue grid ~



Me and my baby Moschino ! ! !

IMG_0872_16 IMG_0831_15I am wearing all American Apparel again !

I am wearing the American Apparel Knit Rib Tank in Sea Breeze which is so cute and comfy and i just luvvv this pastel blue color ! And I am wearing the American Apparel High Waist Denim Mini Skirt too !

Photo-10 IMG_0957_7 IMG_0953_6 Photo5

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[OUTFIT] 05.14.15. “We are magical beings made from the same stars”


[ daily look ]

Shirt : MixxMix Short Sleeve Knit Tee in Pink 

Pink Grid Top and Skirt: Ulzzang Retro Simple Plaid Jumper Skirt Female Vest Tall Waist Bust Skirt Suits 

Shoes : Adidas Superstar White w/ Pink Stripes

Socks: Uniqlo White Socks



Herro ~ Today I have a quick outfit post of my day yesterday walking Moschino around Venice Beach. We didn’t go to the beach part, only the shopping area because I needed to get new glasses at the Warby Parker on Abbot Kinney. We found this super cute veranda and rested here to snap some photos ~



Moschino chilling in the shade, I can’t force him to walk when he looks so happy like this with my Adidas Superstar White w/ Pink Stripes ~~


Distant moody stares with my sad boy ~~

I am wearing MixxMix Short Sleeve Knit Tee in Pink underneath a pink and white grid top and skirt set Ulzzang Retro Simple Plaid Jumper Skirt Female Vest Tall Waist Bust Skirt Suits 

I’m really happy that he has been responding to going to the potty wheneva I say “Pee pee ! ! !”



I am super smitten by this quote “we are magical beings made from the same stars” its so romantic and beautiful !



A derpy picture of me with closed eyes, but Moschino is so cuteee licking his nose heeeeee~



There were quotes all over this bench, this is another one that I liked “We become what we dream and go beyond” !!!!!!


When she hits the right spot right? My baby is so cuteeee !


I really liked this photo because moschino’s belly looks so round in it kekeke ! ~

IMG_0258_2 IMG_0359_3


last picture of the day with my baby! ~

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[ daily look ]

Shirt: American Apparel Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top

Jacket: American Apparel Clear Jacket

Skirt: American Apparel Brigitte Mini Skirt

Shoes : Adidas Supercolor in Red 

Socks: American Apparel Sheer Patterned Socks in Basic Shapes Primary on Clear

Hat: ApparelK Naive is Evian Spelled Backwords Snapback



Herro ~ Today’s post is a outfit post mixed in with a photo diary of the OC Night Market ! I went to the OC Night Market over the weekend to try the foods that they would have there !

I am wearing this ApparelK Naive is Evian Spelled Backwords Snapback !

I am wearing primarily white because I wanted to match with my ApparelK hat !

For my top I am wearing American Apparel Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top in white !

For my skirt I am wearing American Apparel Brigitte Mini Skirt in white !

For my outerwear, I am wearing American Apparel Clear Jacket ! I can’t seem to find this on their site.. I got it at their warehouse in LA !



I decided to add color with my shoes and socks ~

My shoes are the Adidas Supercolor in Red  ~

And these superrr cute socks are American Apparel Sheer Patterned Socks in Basic Shapes Primary on Clear ! (yes i am literally a walking american apparel store kekeke)







The first booth I tried was Lobsterdamus !! I really wanted to try because Flosstradamus retweeted someones tweet of this stall kekke!



I usually don’t really like lobster and mainly wanted to try it for the novelty of the brand name, but I was super suprised that it was hella tasty ! ! ! Only thing is that it is actually not much food at all.. I literally ate it all up in less than 2 minutes… So sad because it was super expensive for half a lobster at $12.. but it was yummy thos ~





After eating lobster I was thirsty, while I was walking around the fairgrounds I kept seeing people holding these super cute mason jars with LED.. LEDDDD.. LEDD (MY LOVE) ICE CUBES !!!! (..note to self, by some for home use) anyways the booth that was selling the led ‘lice (you know, light and ice.. nvm ew just no)’ cubes was called Main Squeeze ! They are a lemonade stand on CRACKKK – there was blueberry, strawberry, chili mango, watermelon, lychee and plain lemonade flavors ! We got watermelon lemonade because I love watermelon and I love lemonade… anyway it turns out that the two isn’t the perfect mix for me.. but my sisters liked it ! and its still cute kekee


ahh so pretty ~


me sippin on 3 straws like a boss

IMG_9948_6 another detail i really liked about our main squeeze drink is that there is a LIDDDD to it ! if you have ever tried to eat and drink with two hands while standing up let me tell you, you can ONLY DO ONE AT A TIME ! its too hard to hold a drink in one hand and eat with one other hand.. so with a lid on this drink i could just place it in my bag while eating and take it out when i’m thirsty ~


After the drink, i got these ahi tuna tacos at the Tokyo Doggie Style food truck ! Wahh i didn’t get pics of the food truck because I was too busy tasting dese tacos… Anyways, these are REALLY GOOD !!! they are REALLY SMALL BUT REALLY GOOD ! me and my sisters went back for another round later on in the day and the truck owner was super happy that we came back and gave us FREE FRIESSS ~ it was so nommy and i love this food truck now ~


you can’t go to a food festival.. festival.. faire.. etc without eating ELOTEE ! i fucking love elote so fucking much.. its so yummy ;__;

IMG_0009_4  IMG_0050_2 IMG_0047_1

Then I braved this takoyaki stands’ line.. it literally was the longest line all day.. and it was a BUMMERRRRRRR. let me tell you, I am a HUGEE TAKOYAKI FAN ! the best takoyaki I have ever eaten was actually in singapore, it was INDESCRIBABLY…UNABLE TO BE EXPLAINED HOW YUMMY IT IS delicious !!!  So I personally know what yummy takoyaki tastes like. Anyway, I standed is this long ass line to wait for some nommy takoyakis .. i got the ponzu flavored takoyaki and it WASNT FULLY FUCKING COOKED. it was super mushy inside and just really gross.. my sisters hated it too. seriously, that stand shouldn’t have been so hyped up but idk maybe other people think its yummy . . . . . . . . . . . . . but not me


So I went to the fair really late around 9 and it closes at 10… Anyway, I was trying to try as much food as possible and even when I left the night market I was still hungry. But before everything closed I wanted dessert so me and my sisters went to this UNIQ-Cone booth because lots of people were eating it ! It looks super funky and interesting so I wanted to try ! Honestly, though I felt like it was wayy too much sugar for me so I couldn’t finish mine. But it was very interesting and I can now say I ate a icecream cane kekeke

Anywayss so thats my photo diary and outfit post of me indulging in my gastronomic voyeurism at the OC Night Market ~

Did any of you guys go?!!! Let me know what you tried down below or if you want to try anything I did ! !

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[OUTFIT] 05.10.15.


[ daily look ]

Under Shirt: American Apparel Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top

Top and Skirt Set: Ulzzang Retro Simple Plaid Jumper Skirt Female Vest Tall Waist Bust Skirt Suits Cute Setu Asana Vest High Waist Skirt Crop Top

Shoes : Stylenanda Simple Slit Leather Sneakers

Socks: Bandaid Socks from Aliexpress


Today I have a quick outfit post of what I wore a few nights ago ~ I went out to dinner to eat at Ichi Ichi which is my FAVORITE shabu shabu place ! I have to mission it out there but its always worth the trip ~ IMG_9660_2

This outfit is a great casual outfit to get some nommys dinner out with your friends ~ I am wearing this grey grid top and skirt which has a really long name on Aliexpress: Ulzzang Retro Simple Plaid Jumper Skirt Female Vest Tall Waist Bust Skirt Suits Cute Setu Asana Vest High Waist Skirt Crop Top keke~ I love it so much and the seller is one of my favorite aliexpress seller ! I am putting in a new order again soon !

I layered a white American Apparel Ponte Mock Neck Short Sleeve Top underneath the grey grid top because I don’t like feeling too exposed ~

And one of my favorite casual shoes are these Stylenanda Simple Slit Leather Sneakers ! They are soso cute and comfy !


Omnom chu wants some nommy takoyaki ~ ? IMG_9605_1

And dis is the shabu shabu in all its gloriousness ~ I usually eat the lettuce first and then move on to the meat! I get the Tom Yum soup base and fill it with a shit load of garlic, pepper, hot drops, and jalapenos ~ mmm i want some again now ;___; !


Again, this is the  Ulzzang Retro Simple Plaid Jumper Skirt Female Vest Tall Waist Bust Skirt Suits Cute Setu Asana Vest High Waist Skirt Crop Top set ! IMG_9758

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[OUTFIT] 05.08.15.



[ daily look ]

Sweater: Kidulty Adidas Grid Sweater 

Skirt: American Apparel Tennis Skirt

Shoes : Adidas Superstar White w/ Black Stripes

Socks: American Apparel Grid Socks

Bag: Do I Feel Lonely Ecobag from Dad-official on Printalloverme






Herro ~ Today I am doing an outfit post that I took a few days ago ! I went to Ikea and decided to take some pictures which were super fun to take because Ikea literally has the best back drops ! If you are ever looking for a place to take some aesthetic-y pictures go to your nearest Ikea tumblr_inline_mhcczieC7j1qz4rgp! ! IMG_9407_3





Love the light reflection casted on the floor by these mirrors, they were just really pretty to me ~


This was the backdrop for a shower haha i love how the grid tiles match my outfit so well tho tumblr_inline_mhccyuu9x21qz4rgp



I am super in love with my Do I Feel Lonely Ecobag from Dad-official on Printalloverme ~ It’s so cute ! As you guys know I love anime so this bag with manga bubbles just made me fall in love tumblr_inline_mhcd0ajwY81qz4rgp!! The only downside to this bag is that it’s really big so when you are actually carrying it is hard to see what the bag fully says, BUT you can see at least one manga bubble in full view which is cute enough for me ~



I am wearing Kidulty Adidas Grid Sweater  in white ~ I wore the black one in THIS post the other day if you want to see what the inverted colors would look like ~ And of course I am wearing American Apparel Tennis Skirt in white with it ~

IMG_9224_13        IMG_9138 IMG_9137


I also dropped by the adidas store because they finally restocked on the white superstars with black stripes which my sister and friend were all obsessing to get ! I already has them so i got the superstars in white with pink stripes (might as well collect them all..) and the stan smiths with velcro.. since the sizes they had for the laces ones are too big for me tumblr_inline_mhccyh7dmx1qz4rgp .. yes i wear a kids size 3 or 3 1/2 tumblr_inline_mhcd0ajwY81qz4rgp




Thank you for coming by and visiting my blog post today ~

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